The Tropical Chips brand was created in 1986 to capture the unique and distinctive feel of the Tropics and transform it into a flavorful and extraordinary snack for all to enjoy. We choose the highest quality plantains, cassavas, and sweet potatoes to create a unique chip with a satisfying flavor. Our products are produced daily in our plant located in Miami, Florida under strict food manufacturing procedures and controls, guaranteeing their quality and freshness. Our chips are all natural, cooked with 100% non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, contain zero trans fat and are gluten free. We are certain the first Tropical Chips snack you try will not be your last.

Plantain Chips
Indigenous to the tropics, the plantain is a very close relative to the banana. It is believed that Portuguese Franciscan friars brought plantains to the Caribbean islands and other parts of the Americas where they remain a staple food. We hand pick the best quality green plantains from our farms, then peel, slice and cook them to a light crispy perfection. Ultimately we package them in hermetically sealed bags so everyone can enjoy their freshness and unique flavor. Plantain chips are a favorite snack of all who try them.

Cassava Chips
The cassava (also known as manioc or yuca) is native to South America. This vegetable is an edible, tuberous root grown and consumed in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and other tropical climates. Nutritionally, the cassava is better than a potato because it has twice the fiber content and richer in potassium, with a more distinctive nutty flavor. You cannot resist our savory Cassava Chips.

Sweet Potato Chips
Sweet potatoes are native to the tropical parts of northwestern South America, and were cultivated there at least 5000 years ago. Their popularity spread very early throughout the region, including the Caribbean and has become a staple food in the North America's traditional cuisine. This unique tuberous root is also known as "boniato", "camote", "kotobuki", and "batata", with many varieties. It has a delicate flavor, is a good source of nutrition and is rich in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory benefits. We have selected the most flavorful and nutritious variety of sweet potatoes to create our most appetizing chips. Try our Sweet Potato Chips and see for yourself!

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